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Opposable Thumbs is the brainchild of two ad agency executives who decided there had to be a better way. A better way to help small- and medium-sized businesses grow. A better way to help organizations communicate. A better way to do business, frankly.

While we have all the fancy-pants Fortune 500 experience you might want in a marketing partner, that’s not what we’re about. We’re about scrapping and clawing and fighting with you for every sale. We’re about helping people like you project the right image at the right time to the right people. We’re about helping YOU discover what makes YOU unique, and using that to sell.

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KA-POW! KA-POW! Here are some bullets!
  • More than twenty years of agency experience
  • National and international award-wining artistry
  • Acclaimed copywriting and public relations
  • Creators of Iowa’s Best Bite Restaurant Challenge
  • Petters of dogs, cats and select clients

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