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If you were speaking in front of 10,000 people, you’d do some preparation.

Aren’t your marketing materials just as important? We quit claiming our fingers were magical years ago after a massage gone horribly wrong. We can’t simply grab a little bit of information and turn it into marketing gold; we need some solid intel. So help us out and think about the following questions.

01  |  EXACTLY who is the target audience? (In other words, describe the type of person who is MOST likely to purchase your product, visit your business, etc. Your message will be crafted toward this person.)


02  |  In one sentence: describe EXACTLY what you’re trying to accomplish: (Get people to call, get people to visit a website, just educate people, buy something right now, showcase a new product, etc.) If there’s more than one, which is NOT advised, please prioritize from most important to least.)


03  |  Name three objections or questions your target audience frequently has about your business, product or idea. Now give us your best rebuttals or explanations.)


04  |  Is there an existing theme, campaign or other direction this project should follow? (Provide examples, please.)


05  |  Is there a “feel” you’d like your copy to have? Formal? Conversational? Funny? Does this make sense with your target audience?

06  | What specific information MUST be in your ad, website, brochure, etc.?


07  |  Can you provide examples of previous materials you’ve used? List your likes/dislikes.


08  |  When you are selling or communicating, what is the one thing that always “seals the deal” or turns that lightbulb on over your target’s head when they finally “get it?”


09  |  Name three companies you have targeted as the ones to beat, or list three perception or communication obstacles you need to overcome.


10  |  MOST IMPORTANT! What is the one MEASURABLE thing that makes you different than everybody else? Example: If you say “our people,” you need to be able to say something very specific: “We train our people to know 15 different methods of making your widget,” etc.

Better yet, put your answers to paper then
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